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SIC Academy is one of the leading and reputed IT company & professional training center in Bangladesh. The organization started its journey since 2019, comprising of few like-minded entrepreneurs with a vision of Empowering Bangladesh with ICT knowledge. It has now a strong team of skilled and experienced software developers and IT professionals. We are trying to create best Freelancers & Outsourcing people in Bangladesh

About SIC Academy

Leading IT Company

The state of freelancing in Bangladesh

Freelancing is a booming industry in the Bangladsh—and it’s not hard to see why.

Make no mistake, the Bangladeshi young generation has a big pool of world-class talent. The only problem is the lack of good opportunities that will fully utilize or fairly compensate them. Bangladeshi jobseekers are also required to fight tooth and nail for competitive positions despite the fact that they could end up being underpaid and overworked. As a result, thousands of young professionals turn to freelancing and make their services available to the international clientele.

Why we do it?

In the modern day, it is everyone’s dream of learning to freelance. Because the unemployment rate is getting higher day by day in Bangladesh. Young generation are seeking job in the early age of student life. Beside many aged people are trying to earn some extra besides their job life. What will they do with it? Well, they can get to earn money from online outsourcing jobs. The first priority is to be skilled in any of the sectors which are on demand. It is will be good for you if it is the highest paid sector that you target. And that can only be possible when you learn from the best. And by the best, we mean the best outsourcing training center in Bangladesh. You need to do some professional course as like website design & development, Graphics design, Advance SEO, Google Ads/Awards, Android apps development.

We take pride in bringing out the best in the students we train. We are also quite proud of the fact that we can produce plenty of quality freelancer and IT outsourcing professionals. There are several of our students now working in the online freelance market sector. And they let us know of their success every now and then. You can visit and read our freelance students’ testimonials. Rest assured that it is the true story that they will tell you.

We provide Outsourcing & Freelancing Training for complete beginners. Our offers are for those who have a serious passion for working as freelancers. We are not a training institute but we believe that the training is at the core of strengthening the technical skills of our consultants to meet the industry needs in getting the right job in right time and to facilitate assured careers. So you can tell us that this institute is best Freelancing & Outsourcing training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Your success with outsourcing will depend much on the quality of freelancing training you receive from the freelance training institute. Now, while you take the outsourcing course, you have to learn some dos and don’ts. You must also understand some of the key factors that bring success to freelancers. The best way to learn freelance outsourcing is to train personally. In that way, you will get 100% out of your freelance trainer. Avis Educave guarantees that the students who come to us will definitely get a good result in sha Allah.

Our Mission

2030 : We'll Make 10000 Successful Freelancers

  • We are trying to develop world class freelancer.
  • Both Local & Foreign Marketplace experience.
  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • 24 hours support from mentors.
  • Remove unemployment through freelancing.

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